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Here you will find all things related to data a visualizations mixed with some practical advice and some hacks. Often we will show you or tell you about the stuff you cannot get from the manuals. We will even post some details on stuff we have cooking in the lab.

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Yes I work for Oracle and this will generally focus on Oracle Analytics but these post or any of the content do not reflect the position of Oracle. Any advice or recommendations provided here are not validated by Oracle.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Show the Latest Data
    Sometimes you need to just show the latest data. This is often the case for metrics like inventory or some percentages where adding things up just does not make sense. Most analytic tools like Oracle Analytics allows authors to pick from various aggregation methods as a solution, but when building a project you don’t alwaysContinue reading “Home”
  • Be ‘Responsive’ to a Point
    By default Oracle Analytics data visualization projects are responsive by default and this is great so authors generally don’t have to worry about device, device size, or screen resolution. Right? Above is an example of some to the beautiful screenshot I see on social media showing off an authors work, but this sort of layoutContinue reading “Home”
  • Ready for Launch
    With little to do in my spare time I am now able to finally do this blog consolidation that has been at the bottom of my todo list for many months. The plumbing part is all complete and here is what you need to know. More content is on the way! This clean up neededContinue reading “Home”

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