5 Things I Would Rather do on a Mobile Phone

A lot of us, especially those in the business world and those born before 1990 still cling to the desktop; and when in the office I use my laptop most of the day.  However there are some specific things I would rather do on my mobile phone regardless what situation I am in.  Here are my top 5:


This is my number 1 for sure.  In fact I only check the weather on my mobile phone.  There are some great applications for this, and my current favorite is Yahoo Weather.



Honestly, I rarely need directions sitting at my desk and when you combine location services, bluetooth car integration, and the portability of a phone it is no brainer.  I personally switch between Google Maps and Apple Maps (it seems to work fine where I live).


Discovering Where to Eat:

This is a pretty broad category that includes discovery, ratings, and reservations as far as I am concerned.  Between Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and OpenTable I can pretty much do what I need.  My options here are using these apps on my mobile phone or asking friends and co-workers, I really hate deciding…


Task Management:

Lists are a big part of my work and personnel life and I have tried just about every task management program out there.  I have found that I use 2 types of lists; good old pencil a paper and now WunderList.  WunderList gets a most of its’ use on my mobile phone but I do love that they have versions for just about every platform so when I am at my desk I can easily and seamlessly manage my day.  There are a bunch of other great task management apps out there and it seems to me to be a very personal choice.

I will admit, I still use my favorite pencil pretty often.


Social Networking:

Facebook, Twitter, Path, Google+, it really does not matter these apps are used on my mobile phone at least 95% of the time.  I don’t know too many folks who pull out their laptop do do a check-in or to post pictures.


So that is my top five and most of those are pretty ‘consumer’ but what about business?  Well until recently most of our BI or Analytics was trapped on the desktop and tablet.  With the re-introduction of BI Mobile HD on the iPhone and with the launch of BI Mobile App Designer I think you will start to see a trend towards mobile phones in the business data space.  

Why not have quick and easy access to key analytics or metrics that drive your business?




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