Did You Know?

Did you know that using the BI Mobile HD security toolkit you can ‘code’ your organizations servers so that end users do not have to worry about setting them up manually.

Look it is super easy to for end users to add a new server to our iPhone and iPad application but why not make is so they just do not have to worry about it.

Keep in mind this requires some Xcode skills and you have to be deploying our application in your companies enterprise application store.

Here is the code for the method:

// To add a server you can do the following: [super createServer:@“<Provide server name>”

host:@“<Provide host>”
username:@“<Provide username or blank (user will be prompted)>”password:@”<Provide password or blank (user will be prompted>“ setAsDefaultServer:NO]; 

For more details refer to the appendix in our Building the BI Mobile HD application for enterprise deployment guide.

Here are additional details on the security toolkit.


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