So You Want to Build a BI Mobile App…

If you were at Oracle Open World BI Mobile App Designer may be old news, but either way you need to read on.

So here is the scenario; you are BI author and you have built some great dashboards and maybe you are even deploying those dashboards using the BI Mobile HD app

Now you want to build a purposeful mobile app to meet the specific needs of some of your BI consumers, but custom, Objective-C, Java, HTML5; OUCH, not quite ready for that.  Well, give BI Mobile App Designer a try and leave all that crazy coding to us.

With the trial edition you can give this simple authoring and mobile deployment experience a try on your desktop and device prior to getting IT and other approvals.  This way you know the amount of work it takes and the types of app you can create prior to doing a full deployment.

So why not give it a try!


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