iOS 8 Features that Have us Thinking

When you work in the mobile space you have to follow and react to news all the time.  The iOS 8 and OSX announcements at WWDC are a good examples of such news, and there are some key features that have us most intrigued:

TouchID for apps – Security is key for the data we deliver and this could be just another tool for IT to leverage when deploying our enterprise app to data hungry end users.  Not sure if this will solve all the issues with regard to security and data access but it should help along with our Security Toolkit.

Continuity – Our users are never working on just one device. They go from the commute (phone) to their office (computer) and to meetings (tablet) all day.  They want to start an analysis on one device and pick it up on any other device.  The iOS stuff is great but we live in a mixed device and OS world so we will look at this for some inspiration, but will have to think about how to do this cross platform.

WKWebView – OK this is super geeky and did not make too many of the articles, but this is huge.  This gives developers the ability to tap into WebKit.  Currently our iOS app loads content in a WebUIView, so long term, if we leverage this it can mean faster load times and javascript calls.  Any changes should be invisible to end users, but this is exciting for us.

Swift – – This one is exciting and scary at the same time because it looks promising but it could mean a re-write.  We need to keep a close eye on this one…

OK keep in mind that this is all stuff that we are looking at along with customer requests, bugs,  and a bunch of our own ideas.  This does not imply any sort of roadmap.

You can check out our apps from the links below:


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