Google Search Integration in Oracle BI Mobile for Android

We’ve got an update today that I’m particularly excited about- Google Search integration!   What does this mean exactly?  It means that you will now be able to search for your most heavily used BI content using Google Search on your device without having to open the Oracle BI app first.

There’s a simple piece of setup required, but fear not, we’ve got a video to walk you through the process and another video to demonstrate how the feature will appear on your device.

Items will become searchable as they are consumed, so as you normally browse and open content, those items will then become searchable in your Google Search app.  What’s more, we’ve leveraged Google’s search suggestion API so you’ll be able to see your items by typing just the first few characters- no need to tap out the entire name.

The goal behind this feature is to make accessing your content as low friction as possible. What better way to do that than to provide integration directly into your device’s Google Search?


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