3 Things You Probably Did Not Know About our Android App

Our Android App is pretty new for us, but in mobile terms is has been out for a long time (8 months or so).  With that I thought I would share 3 cool features that I bet you did not know about our app.

1 – You can ‘Tap to Share’ reports and connections.

Our app uses NFC (Android Beam) to allow users to quickly share report or even connections.  Here is how it works:

  1. Open a report or dashboard or even a connection
  2. Tap the NFC to another Android phone with NFC and our app installed.
  3. Beam the content to the new device.

2 – You can search and open content with your voice. 

In the application just tap the search icon from any browsing screen and then tap the mic to speak your search.  This is great for reports you use all the time.

3 – You can search and open content without even opening our app.

We have integrated with Google search on your device so when enabled you can search for BI content right from your phones home screen.

You can see it in action here: 


Here is a post on setting it up:



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