New iOS Update Available

You may have already noticed but there is a new version of our iOS app available on the Apple App Store.  This update includes a bunch of bug fixes and a number of new features including:

  • iOS 8 Support.
  • Immersive Mode. Changes and improvements including Show/Hide options for the Prompts bar, the Page bar, and the title bar.
  • Local iOS Notification for Alerts. Receive your Oracle BI Mobile alerts in the iOS Notification Center, from which your alerts take you directly to the app.
  • iPhone: Improvement to First-Time Help. Now you can reset the first-time help so that it shows again whenever you like.
  • iPad: Improvements to UI. Simplified welcome dialog allows you to quickly choose the demo, the server configuration screen, or offline mode. Simplified sharing options in the Settings screen.
  • Translation Update.

Also for our enterprise customers take a look at the updated Security Toolkit with support for Xcode 6 and iOS8 along with updated documentation.


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