Forcing a Client Cache Update in BI Mobile HD

The Oracle BI Mobile HD app (iOS only) caches JavaScript and
CSS files locally.   It does this the
first time you connect wit a new server connection and can seen in the app
during the connection process.

The Oracle BI Presentation Server uses a mechanism to ensure that Oracle BI Mobile HD app is up-to-date with the latest cached JavaScript and CSS files; it uses an MD5 hash of Oracle BI Presentation Server version string and analytics.ear content along with a user-defined “salt”.  The mobile client will automatically download new manifest and refresh static files when Oracle BI Presentation Server version changes or analytics.ear file is modified.

An Administrator can force a refresh of this cache on the Oracle BI Mobile HD app by changing the user-defined “salt” by adding the following entry in the Presentation Server instanceconfig.xml file.

Note: For most new installs the VersionSalt entry will be a new addition to the existing StaticFiles Section.  The value of VersionSalt is a unique string that is different from the previous string (if the entry is already in the instanceconfig.xml file).  A sequence number or GUID is recommended.

If the entries do not exist, you may add the ‘Cache’ and ‘StaticFiles’ tags. You will add the tags inside the ServerInstance entry.

<WebConfig xmlns=“”>

Hint: You can obtain a unique GIUD string from many sites or tools like this one:

After modifying the file be sure to restart the Oracle BI Presentation Server.

The details on the location of the instanceconfig.xml file please see the following document:

For details on starting and stopping the Oracle BI Presentation Server please see the following document:

Once you reconnect with BI Mobile App, you will see “Downloading one-time application resources”

Note: This only affects the iOS Mobile app, it does not affect the Desktop browser or Android app.

For the official support document on this topic see the following:


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