BI Mobile App Designer Hands on Labs

At Kscope 2015 I co-presented 2 hands on labs for BI Mobile App Designer.  I thought I would share the labs for anyone who wants to get more familiar with BI Mobile App Designer.  

Before diving into the lab you might want to install the trial edition and get familiar with the product.

Thanks to Carol Krajewski and Wayne Van Sluys from interRel for co-presetning these labs with me.

MAD About Mobile? Learn to Create BI Mobile Apps with BI Mobile App Designer

Link to the lab:

These days, being able to access data anywhere on any device is becoming more and more important, and there is a critical need to deliver analytics and BI data to your end users on their mobile devices. If mobile is a critical requirement for your organization, then this lab is for you! You will create a mobile app with no code and no need to call IT. We will work with the latest version of Mobile Application Designer to create an end-to-end mobile app.

This accelerated and fast-paced session will focus on the basics, and we will show you how to connect to a data source, create an application (including subpages, filters, drilling, and more), and deploy and test the application. Just bring your laptop and a mobile device of choice (tablet or phone).

MAD About Mobile? Code until You Are MAD! Custom Plugins and BI Mobile App Designer

Link to the lab:

Thinking about creating a highly custom mobile experience with your BI data for deployment on mobile devices? Interested in delivering custom visualizations that apply to only your specific data set? If yes, then this is the hands-on training for you.  

This accelerated and fast-paced lab will focus on the use and creation of custom BI Mobile App Designer plugins to be used in a BI Mobile App Designer app. We will demonstrate how to install and integrate existing custom plugins, and we will create a new custom plugins from scratch.  

Just bring your laptop with your favorite development environment, your knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, and a mobile device of choice (tablet or phone).


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