Let’s all Share some BI

So we just launched our latest Android update and has some great new features that are all about sharing content.  

Share Nearby

Share nearby allows nearby users to easily share content with each other.  This works exactly the same as our sharing via URL or by using NFC tap to share but this is even easier!  Receiving users simply have to have the app open and accept the incoming share request.

Presentation Mode

With presentation mode you can ‘cast’ your screen to any supported cast device including Google Chromecast.  Just open any report and app will detect any nearby cast devices and show the cast icon.  Just tap the icon to put the BI content on the screen.

Share as an Image

In our previous version you could share our content as a URL and now you can also share as a image.  This way you can leverage other apps on the device, and even markup the image before you share it with others.

In addition to these great sharing features we also introduced support for BI alerts and displaying those alerts as native device notifications.

There are also a few bug fixes and this version gets us ready for Android Marshmallow so go ahead and update your devices and enjoy the new features


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