Xcode 7 and the BI Mobile Security Toolkit

If you deploy are apps with MDM or MAM in your organization you know all about out Mobile Security Toolkit, but you may be hitting an issue or 2 if you upgraded to Xcode 7 already.  Here are the details you need to get past these minor issues.  

Updated Deployment Target

First you will need to update your deployment target to iOS 8 or above.  Apple does not mess around with new OS versions and iOS9 is already at passing iOS8 for adoption .  To update this in your Xcode project simply change the deployment target on the general tab of the project settings to anything 8.0 or above.


App Transport Security

In Xcode 7 Apple added a security feature called App Transport Security.  This forces connection API’s like the ones we use to enforce strict security practices.  For us this translates to requiring HTTPs (SSL protected) connections.  Many of our customers OBI servers (especially testing servers) are not SSL enalbed so to be able to connect to our Demo server or any non-SSL server you need to implement the following.

On the info tab of the projects properties add a new Dictionary type called NSAppTransportSecurity and in that new property add NSAllowsArbitraryLoads = True as a Boolean.  Here is a screenshot:


If you only connect to SSL servers then you don’t need this at all.  Also if you want to ‘white’ list specific domains you can do this as an alternative.  See the Apple Tech Note for details on how to create exceptions.


Disable Split Screen and Multitasking

This is optional but our app is not quite ready for multitasking and split screen so we recommend disabling this for now. To do this on the info tab of the projects properties add a new Boolean type called UIRequiresFullScreen and set it to true.  If you leave this off our app will work just fine but will simply not be optimized for multitasking.  We are working hard to support this new iOS feature so stay tuned.


That is all now, your project should compile and run just fine using Xcode 7.  Going forward we are working hard to update our documents and app to fully support Xcode 7, but this should take care of things during your transition from Xcode 6 to Xcode 7.


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