Coming Soon to iOS

We are working on a big iOS release and it is just about ready to launch.  You will have to wait to try it, but I wanted to share some of the key new features.  All I can say about release date is; coming soon…

Full iPhone Redesign 

This update brings our app up to date with iOS standards and is awesome on your phone!  We are sure you will love it and using it will feel natural and in line with iOS standards.


Updated Immersive Mode on the iPhone

Spotlight Search Support for BI Content

Leverage iOS Spotlight Search to quickly find and open BI content in our app.  Once you have opened a report or dashboard one time it will be available in Spotlight Search.

Native iOS Sharing on iPad and iPhone

Now you can share like you do in any other app.  As always select links or images, but not you can share to other apps on your device not just email.  text, photo editing, AirDrop and more.

There are also a ton of bug fixes and stability improvements.  We truly hope you love it when it drops. 

Coming Soon! 

Oh yea one more thing…

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