New OS, No Problem!

If you have not noticed our apps work just fine with both the major OS’s recently launched.  Yes our app works fine on iOS 10 and Android 7 (Nougat)!  The reason I am posting this is because we get a lot of support questions on this topic and I thought I would clarify how we look and new OS launches and how we release in preparation for them. 

We watch the news and rumors just like you do and as a lunch of a major OS becomes real we get engaged with the betas and try our app out.  Our first goal is to see if we are going to have any issue and if we need an update before launch.  If we do we try to make those changes needed early and get them out with a normal “bug fix” patch.  We also look at new features and work any new cool features or design changes into our next major release.  This usually comes after the OS update and can even be weeks or months later.

So if you were looking for an app update that calls out iOS 10 or Android 7 support you will not find that, but you will find that the apps work great on those  OS and, most of all, we support them.

If you want to check out our app you can download them on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


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