I Should Have Used the Data!!

OK my bracket is blown and at this point I wish I had used data and not my ‘Wisdom’ 😜.  After I made my pics and entered a contest with my wife and kids I saw this post.


This post has some great info and a link to some data (http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/seasons/2017-ratings.html), but I was on my phone and I quickly realized this was a job for Synopsis!  So I grabbed the data and loaded it up.  I quickly realized my pic of Wichita State might be a bad one.

As you can see all signs (based on history) point to Gonzaga and I have Wichita State beating them in the final.

We all know that the NCAA Tournament can be a data anomaly and thus “March Madness”, so I will keep my finger crossed!

Here is a link to my data file if you want try in Synopsis. 


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