Mobile Options for Oracle Analytics Cloud

Today Oracle Analytic Cloud (OAC) was launched and you can read all about that in the blog hop links at the end of this post, but I wanted to share some details on the many options for accessing BI content on OAC on your mobile device.

Mobile Web

To start with all of the Data Visualization projects you create using OAC support mobile web.  What that means is that they will respond and adapt to the device you are on.  So just open the same project using your Chrome or Safari browser on your phone or tablet and you are all set.  No need to redesign anything!


BI Mobile App

Our BI Mobile apps for iOS and Android will also support OAC for consuming all of your BI content including, Dashboards, Answers Reports, and DV Projects.  Keep in mind this app was build for consuming all your BI content and is backwards compatible with many OBI versions.


Download for iOS:

Download for Android:


Synopsis is the newest app from the Oracle Mobile Analytic Team that lets you quickly open and interact with your spreadsheets and business data in a visual, interactive and intuitive way. Right from email, and all while you are on the go!


Synopsis will scan your spreadsheets and business data and automatically figure how to summarize the information and present it to you in the most meaningful way possible.

Right now Synopsis supports Excel and CSV files, but coming soon, as part of the Oracle Data Visualization product family, Synopsis will allow you to connect to the long list of sources supported in OAC.

Best of all Synopsis is FREE for all to use with Excel and CSV files!

Find out more and download the app for Android and iOS:

OH Yea – One Last Thing

This OAC launch introduces the infrastructure for our newest app (coming soon) called Day by Day.  Day by Day is an app that allows non-technical users to get quick answers to their day to day business questions.


We believe BI is not about charts and graphs, it is about affecting positive change in your organization. We are creating this app because we believe that by better informing your workforce about what matters at the right time then everyone will make better decisions day by day.

Coming Soon!

In summary there are options for any size deployment of OAC.  Covering consumption of pre-defined dashboards and projects, instant analytics on your device, and getting your data pushed to you based on context or just by asking a simple question.

It goes without saying that all our apps support iOS and Android and work on phones and tablets.

If you want to learn more about OAC, check out the blog hop participant posts below! What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a group of bloggers who all get together to blog on a particular topic. We share each others blog posts in an attempt to share a lot of great information in one place.  Enjoy!

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