Android Synopsis 2.0 has Landed!

In case you missed it we have recently released Synopsis 2.0 for Android.  If you don’t have this app you need it!  It is a must have on the fly analytic app for all your data and analytic needs!

These new features are available for Android today and coming soon for iOS.

Import Google Fit Data

  • Directly import fitness data giving
    you the power of Synopsis with a users analytic fitness history. 
  • Great to use as a sample project
    that contains Analytics the user can truly understand. 

Import Oracle Analytic Cloud Data Sets

  • Connects to the Oracle Analytics
    Cloud instance and
    allows a user to select any dataset they have created. 
  • Greatly expands Synopsis support
    for data sources as any Source in OAC is now supported for import on the users
  • Simple XLS and CSV always welcome! 

Chart Improvements and Additions

  • User can now start charts across
    multiple text elements like month and year.
    Just add more than one text element to a bar chart and tap the color by
  • Support for word clouds. 

Chart and Project Insights

  • Get basic insights on any chart
    with a simple tap of the info icon now shown on all charts. 
  • Perform device based Machine
    Learning on any project by tapping the processor icon in the project toolbar. 
  • Project insights appear with no
    user intervention and can be spoken the user. 

Calculated Numbers

  • Create calculated numbers on the
  • Calculations can be added and
    removed with easy and work just like any other number in a project. 
  • Hyper-fast creation with a custom
    calculator surface purpose built for the task. 

Import Data with Your Camera

  • Users can scan printed tables with
    the device camera and instantly create a project. 
  • Seeing a visualization in Augmented
    Reality allows a user to spot trends on printed data. 
  • Users can scan nutrition
    label and store and analyze nutrition data for your favorite foods, better
    informing daily health decisions. 

Project Merging

  • Allows user to combine projects
    with a simple drag and drop.  This is a
    really quick way to expand the data set in a project. 
  • Allows user to add data across time
    periods or regions and then merge the result into a single project. 
  • Simplicity, as always, is the key!
    Just drag the projects and we will tell the user if the merge is possible. 

Other New Features

  • Chart merging allows the user
    to combine charts with a simple drag and drop.
    This is a really quick way to analyze multiple data and text columns in
    one chart. 
  • Just drag and drop any chart in a
    feed on to another to create a new combined version of that chart. 
  • Back up and restore all of your
    projects.  This can be accessed is the
    application settings and works with the tap of a button. 



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