Major BI Mobile App Update

Our Mobile consumption app for OAC and OBIEE just got a major update on iOS and Android.  This app has been and will continue to be the one stop shop to find, open and interact with all your existing analytic content regardless of source; including Answers, Dashboards, Scorecards, BI Publisher, and Data Visualization Projects.

This version aligns the app with the rest of our other killer apps Day by Day and Synopsis and unifies the Android and iOS experiences!  The app has been re-thought from the ground up but sill renders and adapts analytic content the way our users and customers have come to expect.

Here are a few highlights but check it out!

Simplified Login – Just type your host and port and go!  We figure our all the complex stuff for you.  If you need you can still make changes in the advanced section but most user will never have to go here.


Breadcrumbs – Because no one likes to be lost!  With all the action link and drilling features in OBIEE being in an app (on a phone) can be hard when it come to navigation.  Well it just got easy…


Tab, Pages and Yes, Sub Pages – Full support for all the types of paging that Dashboards offer. Easy to find right in the title bar and easy to navigate!


Native Prompts all Around! – For years we have had native prompts on the iPad only.  Now they are available on any device regardless of size or OS! 



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