Day by Day 2 is Out!

Day by Day hit the App Stores for iOS and Android today and there are a ton of great new features here are just a few.

Multiple Bring Backs

Now you can set multiple bring backs on each card and have the card return to the top of your Smart Feed for multiple reasons.  Select ‘Bring Back’ on a card and simply tap Location, Schedule or Contacted by (Android only) option.


Bring Back when Contacted By (Android Only)

On Android, Go to the Bring Back screen and select the ‘Contact’ option which will walk you through selecting a contact.  When that contact calls or texts you the card you set it on will surface on the top of the Smart Feed and notify you.


Filter Within

The filter within feature allows you to constrain the data from the search results allowing users to adjust the result to meet their exact need.  It allows for the removal of dimensions, dimensions members, and any measure (fact) from the result.  All with a simple and consistent user interface.


Manage Bring Backs

The Smart Feed contains a list of analytics that should be meaningful to the user based on what’s going on in the business and their day. Over time users may want to see and manage why a card shows up on the feed.

Simply go to the settings page and tap the Bring Backs to edit any currently active bring backs.

Popular Search Leaderboard  

Over time Day by Day will proactively deliver analytics to users Smart Feed. The leaderboard is the first ‘system generated’ item that we push to user’s Smart Feeds.


Enjoy the update!


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