Goodbye Browser Tab Hell

In older versions of Data Visualization each project launch, data set edit, or really anything would launch a new browser tab.  Well this ending up leading to some bad issues including making it hard to find the right page, multiple instances of the same thing, and worst of all, closing tabs before you hit save. 😥 

We called this browser tab hell, and we, like our end users, hated it!


So to fix this we started and internal project named tab-less navigation where we introduced an internal navigation flow for all of our key objects including:

  • Projects
  • Data Sets
  • Data Flows

In this model users can easily navigate back to where they were using our back button.


Also when a user wants to open content in a new tab they have that option.


Lastly for users that love having tons of tabs open and enjoyed tab hell they can just set it as their default.


So with the newest release or OAC the problem with tab hell is no more!  I will admit there may be a random page or two the opens in a new tab but that is mostly in the area of administration, and we will clean that up over time.   We hope you like the change and enjoy analytics without tab hell.


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