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Recently there has been a bunch of chatter around asking data and I wanted to share an old but great feature in Oracle Analytics.  Around 2015 we launched home page search allowing users to search for answers to their data questions. 

Right on our home page a user can simple ‘ask’ their data by using a familiar search interface.  They can do this both structured and unstructured (speaking or freeform typing) and we just take care of the rest.

Structured search using tokens to get the data driving the question at hand.


Unstructured searching with voice or freeform typing leveraging NLP to get the same results.

As you can see it is really easy to ask your data and get quick results.  Stay tuned for how to set this up and optimize your search experience for users leveraging some of the platforms great features like Data Sets, Advanced Data Preparation, Data Flows and more.

Here is a full video if you have 3 mins to spare.


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