Viz of the Day – Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud (aka Word Cloud) is a fun way to represent text or dimensional data.  The size (font) or color of the data helps to easily visualize data.  In the above example Tables are selling a lot but with high Shipping Cost.  While at the same time Copiers and Fax (yes very old sample data 🤪) have hight Sales but Shipping Costs are low.

This visualization does have some drawbacks even though it looks really cool.  Some of the drawbacks are the following:

  • Lots of text is hard to see.
  • Small variations in data may not be easily detectible.
  • Large words take up a bunch of space.
  • Same data is often better represented in another visualization.

Even with these drawbacks this is often a good chart to include in a dashboard or analysis you plan share with consumer users.  As part of an overall analysis tag clouds can work well and can help draw users attention to data.

When loading this visualization as is on mobile devices they are responsive and interactive.  

Also in our app Oracle Synopsis we have added some great features that work best on a device, like mini maps and zooming.  This allows for some really dense Tag Clouds!

You can find more information on tag clouds here:   If you want to learn more and play with Oracle Analytics check out this free course on Udemy –


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