Oracle Analytics on Chrome 80 (now 84)

Google had put the brakes on this update back in March but now it is back, and rolling out as we do this update. All the same details below still apply just a few months later.

In February Google will roll out an update to Chrome (80) that will implement a secure-by-default model for cookies, enabled by a new cookie classification system.  Details can be found here –  

Although general use of Oracle Analytics (any version) will not be impacted by this change we know that some specific embedding use cases may be impacted. 

An official support notice on this topic can be found here, but here are some details on how to prepare for this.

  • Browser Administrators can implement special policies to temporarily revert Chrome Browser to legacy behavior.  This is ideal for desktops that are IT managed.
  • Browser Users can manage this flag by navigating to chrome://flags/ in the Chrome browser and change the flag SameSite by Default Cookies to Disabled.  This works best in an environment were users manage their own desktop and updates.

Administrators can test can custom embedded use cases with this above flag set to enabled to verify if there will be an issue or not.


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