Setting the PORTALPATH for OAC 5.5 and Above

For years our Oracle Business Intelligence customers have been using an RPD session variable to redirect end users to a specific dashboard when they hit the URL for their analytic platform.


This has served us well but fast forward to Oracle Analytics and this approach needed to change.  Starting with OAC 5.5 this is set using System Setting on our console page.

Once in system settings you simply do the following:

  • Search for or scroll to the setting called ‘Portal Path’
  • Update it with a valid location (path) to a dashboard.  ex. /shared/_portal/MyStartPage
  • A restart of OBI Presentation Server is required and the UI will prompt the user to do this.

All set!  Keep in mind that any logged in users will be impacted by this restart so it is best to make this change during off hours.  Also, user must have Access to Home ‘Granted’ in the Manage Privilege section of the Administration page for this to work properly.  Lastly once set the setting in the RPD will simply be ignored so you can remove it if you wish.

Here is a support note with all the same details:


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6 responses to “Setting the PORTALPATH for OAC 5.5 and Above”

  1. Hi Matt, in OBIEE, PORTALPATH can be set dynamically with an initialisation block therefore enabling different users to be directed to different deau.t dashboard pages. The current OAS implementation of setting this system variable don’t support the variable being set dynamically. I understand that it will still be supported in OAS in the short term but it isn’t clear why this needs to change. Also, will there be a lot of rework required to change this to whatever the new version of this will be?


    • Reasons it needs to change are technical and will allow us to move forward with out the need for an RPD (not everyone has one) and for other issues. Can you help me understand why you set it dynamically? Was this so various user get a specific start page? Lastly if we put aside the dynamic use case what kind of rework are you concerned with?


      • Reason for setting it dynamically is that in my experience (with a current client as well(, different business areas use the same OBIEE instance and at startup, they are directed to a dashboard of relevance to their business area. This is controlled by application roles and the ROLES system variable to lookup a user’s assigned roles and then PORTALPATH is used to set the dashboard.

        Rework concerns are more to do with how any future implementation of the system variables will be done and if all system variables coding that exists in rpd and even in analyses and dashboards will need to be changed manually.


  2. Hi, Matt!

    I need to set the portal path dynamically according to user role. Please, can you help me explaining how to do this in OAC? I’ve tried configuring session variable at rpd and initialization block but did’nt work.


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