Ready for Launch

With little to do in my spare time I am now able to finally do this blog consolidation that has been at the bottom of my todo list for many months. The plumbing part is all complete and here is what you need to know.

More content is on the way! This clean up needed to be done so I could clear the path for fresh content on all things data and analytics. Stay tuned for posts on topics like, tips and tricks, mobile analytics, visualizations, stuff in the labs, and the occasional rant. I have moved content from and with a bit of clean up on some really old posts. Turns out mobile and tech in general can become obsolete fairly fast 🤪. If you need the old post you can still visit these sites (for now) at and

I am not planning to move any of my historical Essbase or Smart View content as I have handed all that over to the Essbase team and they will need to keep this one going. I still love Essbase but just don’t have the capacity to be good and that many things and so I must focus.

If you are missing any post or one of the post I migrated has broken links or needs some fixing up please DM us @vizunderground or comment on the post.

✅Blog Consolidation
✅New Domain
✅Old Domain Redirects
✅Basic Site Structure
🟩Fresh New Content – Coming Soon!


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