Use Emojis in Analytics 😍

Did you know that emoji can be used in Oracle Analytics projects? Well now you do and there are some cool 😎 use cases for this as long as you are willing to be creative.

Point to Stuff

☝️Showing users exactly what to click or tap on is often important in delivering analytics. Pointing hands in text areas or titles is a great way to tell people what they are looking at or what to do.

Use in a Text Box
Use in a Chart Title

Data Conditions

Emojis are a great way to highlight data conditions. Classic traffic lighting is a great example. This one is a bit harder to pull off but leveraging project calculations in a table or pivot brings it all together.

Project Calculation that Results in Emojis
Emojis in a Table

This sort of formatting has been used in analytics for years but now with the help of emojis and a bit of creativity it can be said with real emotion and style 😎.

Add to Values

Leveraging calculations and features in prep emojis can be used in various ways. Grouping is a great way to create values summarizing data but named with style using emojis.

Group Feature in Prep
Bar Chart with Creative Group Names

How it is All Done

It turns out that all of this is super easy because emojis, like it or not, have become a standard. Here is a great page that has a list of all the standard ones along with some emoji analytics of their own. You can actually adopt and emoji!

For use in an Oracle Analytics project the best bet is to just copy and paste from this page or a page like this. On Mac and Windows you can also open an emoji panel while typing.

  • Windows – In the text area, open the emoji panel using the Windows key + ; (semicolon) or Windows key +. (period).
  • Mac – In the text area, open the emoji panel using Control-Command-Space.

I hope this helps to enable the creation of useful, fun, and stylish visualization experiences.



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2 responses to “Use Emojis in Analytics 😍”

  1. Hi Matt, can this still be done? If yes, is there any setup involved? I tried to do the same formula as your screenshot and only get ?? in place of the emojis.


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