Coming Soon to iOS

We are working on a big iOS release and it is just about ready to launch.  You will have to wait to try it, but I wanted to share some of the key new features.  All I can say about release date is; coming soon… Full iPhone Redesign  This update brings our app up toContinue reading “Coming Soon to iOS”

Capturing iOS Console Logs

Capturing iOS Console logs can we tough especially if you are on a PC.  If you are on a Mac and you are a developer with Xcode installed it is really not that difficult.  In fact Apple fully supports this and documents the process. For others without Mac’s things can get complex and withContinue reading “Capturing iOS Console Logs”

New iOS Immersive Mode Preview

We are playing a bit with our apps iOS immersive mode on the phone and I thought I would share.  Remember this is not out and may never be out, but we are pretty happy so far. Keep in mind that standard stuff with this post… Opinions expressed by the authors of this blog areContinue reading “New iOS Immersive Mode Preview”

Xcode 7 and the BI Mobile Security Toolkit

If you deploy are apps with MDM or MAM in your organization you know all about out Mobile Security Toolkit, but you may be hitting an issue or 2 if you upgraded to Xcode 7 already.  Here are the details you need to get past these minor issues.   Updated Deployment Target First you will needContinue reading “Xcode 7 and the BI Mobile Security Toolkit”

Let’s all Share some BI

So we just launched our latest Android update and has some great new features that are all about sharing content.   Share Nearby Share nearby allows nearby users to easily share content with each other.  This works exactly the same as our sharing via URL or by using NFC tap to share but this isContinue reading “Let’s all Share some BI”

iOS 9 is Coming…

iOS 9 is just days away and I know from history that many of you will update your devices the day it launches.  I bet you won’t even tell us 😦  Don’t worry we have been testing our app with the betas and everything will be just fine no update needed from us.  We willContinue reading “iOS 9 is Coming…”

BI Mobile App Designer Hands on Labs

At Kscope 2015 I co-presented 2 hands on labs for BI Mobile App Designer.  I thought I would share the labs for anyone who wants to get more familiar with BI Mobile App Designer.   Before diving into the lab you might want to install the trial edition and get familiar with the product. ThanksContinue reading “BI Mobile App Designer Hands on Labs”

Recommended EPM and Essbase Sessions at KScope 2015

Will be at KScope 2015 in just a few days and thought I would share a list of some of the most interesting sessions that I am going to try and attend. I don’t have many EPM session this year as my role in BI Mobile keeps be pretty busy but here are the onesContinue reading “Recommended EPM and Essbase Sessions at KScope 2015”

Recommended BI Sessions at KScope 2015

Will be at KScope 2015 in just a few days and thought I would share a list of some of the most interesting sessions that I am going to try and attend. First, I think all of my session will be awesome so here is that list, keep in mind I am basis: BI Sunday SymposiumContinue reading “Recommended BI Sessions at KScope 2015”