Day by Day 2 is Out!

Day by Day hit the App Stores for iOS and Android today and there are a ton of great new features here are just a few.

Multiple Bring Backs

Now you can set multiple bring backs on each card and have the card return to the top of your Smart Feed for multiple reasons.  Select ‘Bring Back’ on a card and simply tap Location, Schedule or Contacted by (Android only) option.


Bring Back when Contacted By (Android Only)

On Android, Go to the Bring Back screen and select the ‘Contact’ option which will walk you through selecting a contact.  When that contact calls or texts you the card you set it on will surface on the top of the Smart Feed and notify you.


Filter Within

The filter within feature allows you to constrain the data from the search results allowing users to adjust the result to meet their exact need.  It allows for the removal of dimensions, dimensions members, and any measure (fact) from the result.  All with a simple and consistent user interface.


Manage Bring Backs

The Smart Feed contains a list of analytics that should be meaningful to the user based on what’s going on in the business and their day. Over time users may want to see and manage why a card shows up on the feed.

Simply go to the settings page and tap the Bring Backs to edit any currently active bring backs.

Popular Search Leaderboard  

Over time Day by Day will proactively deliver analytics to users Smart Feed. The leaderboard is the first ‘system generated’ item that we push to user’s Smart Feeds.


Enjoy the update!

My Favorite New Visualization

In the latest release of OAC the team added a bunch of new visualizations and one of them has quickly become my favorite.  It’s the correlation matrix!


This is my favorite because of the simplicity of it.  Turns out I love visualizations that need no explanation!  You just add a bunch of numbers to the visualization and there you have it. You can easily see how metrics correlate and how changes in one impact another.  Hopefully leading to better business insights.

In case you want to get more details on some of the newest OAC features you can see them all here.

Major BI Mobile App Update

Our Mobile consumption app for OAC and OBIEE just got a major update on iOS and Android.  This app has been and will continue to be the one stop shop to find, open and interact with all your existing analytic content regardless of source; including Answers, Dashboards, Scorecards, BI Publisher, and Data Visualization Projects.

This version aligns the app with the rest of our other killer apps Day by Day and Synopsis and unifies the Android and iOS experiences!  The app has been re-thought from the ground up but sill renders and adapts analytic content the way our users and customers have come to expect.

Here are a few highlights but check it out!

Simplified Login – Just type your host and port and go!  We figure our all the complex stuff for you.  If you need you can still make changes in the advanced section but most user will never have to go here.


Breadcrumbs – Because no one likes to be lost!  With all the action link and drilling features in OBIEE being in an app (on a phone) can be hard when it come to navigation.  Well it just got easy…


Tab, Pages and Yes, Sub Pages – Full support for all the types of paging that Dashboards offer. Easy to find right in the title bar and easy to navigate!


Native Prompts all Around! – For years we have had native prompts on the iPad only.  Now they are available on any device regardless of size or OS! 


Android Synopsis 2.0 has Landed!

In case you missed it we have recently released Synopsis 2.0 for Android.  If you don’t have this app you need it!  It is a must have on the fly analytic app for all your data and analytic needs!

These new features are available for Android today and coming soon for iOS.

Import Google Fit Data

  • Directly import fitness data giving
    you the power of Synopsis with a users analytic fitness history. 
  • Great to use as a sample project
    that contains Analytics the user can truly understand. 

Import Oracle Analytic Cloud Data Sets

  • Connects to the Oracle Analytics
    Cloud instance and
    allows a user to select any dataset they have created. 
  • Greatly expands Synopsis support
    for data sources as any Source in OAC is now supported for import on the users
  • Simple XLS and CSV always welcome! 

Chart Improvements and Additions

  • User can now start charts across
    multiple text elements like month and year.
    Just add more than one text element to a bar chart and tap the color by
  • Support for word clouds. 

Chart and Project Insights

  • Get basic insights on any chart
    with a simple tap of the info icon now shown on all charts. 
  • Perform device based Machine
    Learning on any project by tapping the processor icon in the project toolbar. 
  • Project insights appear with no
    user intervention and can be spoken the user. 

Calculated Numbers

  • Create calculated numbers on the
  • Calculations can be added and
    removed with easy and work just like any other number in a project. 
  • Hyper-fast creation with a custom
    calculator surface purpose built for the task. 

Import Data with Your Camera

  • Users can scan printed tables with
    the device camera and instantly create a project. 
  • Seeing a visualization in Augmented
    Reality allows a user to spot trends on printed data. 
  • Users can scan nutrition
    label and store and analyze nutrition data for your favorite foods, better
    informing daily health decisions. 

Project Merging

  • Allows user to combine projects
    with a simple drag and drop.  This is a
    really quick way to expand the data set in a project. 
  • Allows user to add data across time
    periods or regions and then merge the result into a single project. 
  • Simplicity, as always, is the key!
    Just drag the projects and we will tell the user if the merge is possible. 

Other New Features

  • Chart merging allows the user
    to combine charts with a simple drag and drop.
    This is a really quick way to analyze multiple data and text columns in
    one chart. 
  • Just drag and drop any chart in a
    feed on to another to create a new combined version of that chart. 
  • Back up and restore all of your
    projects.  This can be accessed is the
    application settings and works with the tap of a button. 


I Should Have Used the Data!!

OK my bracket is blown and at this point I wish I had used data and not my ‘Wisdom’ 😜.  After I made my pics and entered a contest with my wife and kids I saw this post.

This post has some great info and a link to some data (, but I was on my phone and I quickly realized this was a job for Synopsis!  So I grabbed the data and loaded it up.  I quickly realized my pic of Wichita State might be a bad one.

As you can see all signs (based on history) point to Gonzaga and I have Wichita State beating them in the final.

We all know that the NCAA Tournament can be a data anomaly and thus “March Madness”, so I will keep my finger crossed!

Here is a link to my data file if you want try in Synopsis. 

Mobile Options for Oracle Analytics Cloud

Today Oracle Analytic Cloud (OAC) was launched and you can read all about that in the blog hop links at the end of this post, but I wanted to share some details on the many options for accessing BI content on OAC on your mobile device.

Mobile Web

To start with all of the Data Visualization projects you create using OAC support mobile web.  What that means is that they will respond and adapt to the device you are on.  So just open the same project using your Chrome or Safari browser on your phone or tablet and you are all set.  No need to redesign anything!


BI Mobile App

Our BI Mobile apps for iOS and Android will also support OAC for consuming all of your BI content including, Dashboards, Answers Reports, and DV Projects.  Keep in mind this app was build for consuming all your BI content and is backwards compatible with many OBI versions.


Download for iOS:

Download for Android:


Synopsis is the newest app from the Oracle Mobile Analytic Team that lets you quickly open and interact with your spreadsheets and business data in a visual, interactive and intuitive way. Right from email, and all while you are on the go!


Synopsis will scan your spreadsheets and business data and automatically figure how to summarize the information and present it to you in the most meaningful way possible.

Right now Synopsis supports Excel and CSV files, but coming soon, as part of the Oracle Data Visualization product family, Synopsis will allow you to connect to the long list of sources supported in OAC.

Best of all Synopsis is FREE for all to use with Excel and CSV files!

Find out more and download the app for Android and iOS:

OH Yea – One Last Thing

This OAC launch introduces the infrastructure for our newest app (coming soon) called Day by Day.  Day by Day is an app that allows non-technical users to get quick answers to their day to day business questions.


We believe BI is not about charts and graphs, it is about affecting positive change in your organization. We are creating this app because we believe that by better informing your workforce about what matters at the right time then everyone will make better decisions day by day.

Coming Soon!

In summary there are options for any size deployment of OAC.  Covering consumption of pre-defined dashboards and projects, instant analytics on your device, and getting your data pushed to you based on context or just by asking a simple question.

It goes without saying that all our apps support iOS and Android and work on phones and tablets.

If you want to learn more about OAC, check out the blog hop participant posts below! What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a group of bloggers who all get together to blog on a particular topic. We share each others blog posts in an attempt to share a lot of great information in one place.  Enjoy!

Opinions expressed by the authors of this blog are entirely their own and do not reflect the position of Oracle or any other corporation. Any advice or recommendations discussed on these sites (or sites they link to) are not validated by Oracle.

Using App Shortcuts in Synopsis

In the Android version of Oracle Synopsis you can leverage a great ‘newish’ Android feature called App Shortcuts to access your most important projects quickly.

Just long press on the Synopsis app icon for about a second and menu will appear along with a quick vibration.  Release, and simply tap any of the menu options to quickly access a current project or import a new file.

You can also tap and hold on any of the menu ‘handles’ (lines on the right side of the menu item) and drag that specific action anywhere on your launcher.

Notice the Excel looking icon that I am dragging on my launcher in the image above.

Now I can just tap the new icon and open a specific Synopsis project directly!

Please note this feature requires Android 7.1 or above.

Import Google Sheets into Synopsis Now!

Did you know that with Oracle Synopsis you can import Google Sheets documents using the Sheets app.

In Android open the Sheets app and open a sheets document with data in a tabular format. 

Tap the overflow menu on the right (3 dots) and select Share and Export.

Tap Save As… and select Excel for the format.

Once complete open Synopsis and Tap the + floating action button to open the file explorer.  

Tap Drive and browse to the Excel version of the file you just saved and select it.

Once complete you will have your first Synopsis project from a Google Sheet!

In iOS open the Sheets app and open a sheets document with data in a tabular format.

Tap the overflow menu on the right (3 dots) and select Share and Export.

Tap Send a Copy and select Excel for the format.

The iOS sharing dialog will appear, on this dialog select Import with Synopsis.

Once complete you will have your first Synopsis project from a Google Sheet!

A more streamlined integration in Android allowing Google Sheets to be imported directly from the Synopsis app is coming soon!

Don’t have Oracle Synopsis installed?  Download it from the Google Play or Apple App Store today!

I am not a Data Scientist!

We all have data and we all want to analyze that data, but most of us are not data scientists.  So we are working on a mobile app that allows any user, consumer or enterprise to analyze data.  The goal is simple; import data without bugging the user about layouts and formats, and present the user with the best visualizations based on the data.  

The app will be called Synopsis and internally it is code named Project Lens.

It is all about quickly and easily summarizing raw data in meaningful visualizations that a user can easily manipulate and share.  We are working hard on getting the product out, but I though share some screenshots.

Coming Soon!

Oh yea one more thing…

Opinions expressed by the authors of this blog are entirely their own and do not reflect the position of Oracle or any other corporation. Any advice or recommendations discussed on these sites (or sites they link to) are not validated by Oracle.

New OS, No Problem!

If you have not noticed our apps work just fine with both the major OS’s recently launched.  Yes our app works fine on iOS 10 and Android 7 (Nougat)!  The reason I am posting this is because we get a lot of support questions on this topic and I thought I would clarify how we look and new OS launches and how we release in preparation for them. 

We watch the news and rumors just like you do and as a lunch of a major OS becomes real we get engaged with the betas and try our app out.  Our first goal is to see if we are going to have any issue and if we need an update before launch.  If we do we try to make those changes needed early and get them out with a normal “bug fix” patch.  We also look at new features and work any new cool features or design changes into our next major release.  This usually comes after the OS update and can even be weeks or months later.

So if you were looking for an app update that calls out iOS 10 or Android 7 support you will not find that, but you will find that the apps work great on those  OS and, most of all, we support them.

If you want to check out our app you can download them on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.