Parse File Names Using Regular Expressions

Recently I needed to parse a full path to a bunch of files to get just the name of the file. To do this I had to use a regular expression and some string manipulation. In doing this I found the use of regular expressions in Oracle Analytics to be very powerful and I thoughtContinue reading “Parse File Names Using Regular Expressions”

Show the Latest Data

Sometimes you need to just show the latest data. This is often the case for metrics like inventory or some percentages where adding things up just does not make sense. Most analytic tools like Oracle Analytics allows authors to pick from various aggregation methods as a solution, but when building a project you don’t alwaysContinue reading “Show the Latest Data”

I Should Have Used the Data!!

OK my bracket is blown and at this point I wish I had used data and not my ‘Wisdom’ 😜.  After I made my pics and entered a contest with my wife and kids I saw this post. This post has some great info and a link to some data (, but I was onContinue reading “I Should Have Used the Data!!”

Import Google Sheets into Synopsis Now!

Did you know that with Oracle Synopsis you can import Google Sheets documents using the Sheets app. In Android open the Sheets app and open a sheets document with data in a tabular format.  Tap the overflow menu on the right (3 dots) and select Share and Export. Tap Save As… and select Excel for the format.Continue reading “Import Google Sheets into Synopsis Now!”

I’m Sorry, Big Data – Size Does Not Matter…

OK this is going to be one of my soapbox posts, so consider yourself warned.  I have been doing a fair amount of reading on big data, visualizations, and analytics in general and I have come to a clear conclusion.  “The value of data should not be measured in bytes, it should be measured basedContinue reading “I’m Sorry, Big Data – Size Does Not Matter…”