Setting the PORTALPATH for OAC 5.5 and Above

For years our Oracle Business Intelligence customers have been using an RPD session variable to redirect end users to a specific dashboard when they hit the URL for their analytic platform. https://hostname/analytics This has served us well but fast forward to Oracle Analytics and this approach needed to change.  Starting with OAC 5.5 this isContinue reading “Setting the PORTALPATH for OAC 5.5 and Above”

Oracle Analytics on Chrome 80

In February Google will roll out an update to Chrome (80) that will implement a secure-by-default model for cookies, enabled by a new cookie classification system.  Details can be found here –   Although general use of Oracle Analytics (any version) will not be impacted by this change we know that some specific embedding use casesContinue reading “Oracle Analytics on Chrome 80”

Uninstalling Data Visualization for Desktop on Mac

You can fully uninstall Oracle DV for Desktop on Mac by downloading this script and following the instructions below. Right-click on the script and select Save As to save the file on your Mac. Open Terminal and change the working directory to where the script was downloaded: Using bash:  $ cd /location/of/file Make the scriptContinue reading “Uninstalling Data Visualization for Desktop on Mac”